Ah spring – how we have longed for you!

Staying at home and self-isolation in the midst of Covid-19 has us yearning to bring some of the new season’s fresh air and sunshine indoors. For many of us this has been the catalyst to embark upon the spring clean to end all spring cleans. For others, this has meant total garden upheaval as we follow our urges to nurture and grow flowers, herbs and vegetables for pleasure and sustenance in the time of confinement ahead.


Now’s the time to invest in home comforts. Welcome the colours, materials and prints reminiscent of the time of year into your home. Here are some tips from the Francis of Malvern team, to help you feel mother nature’s touch (even if you have to stay indoors).



  • Buy cut flowers with your groceries or grow your own garden flowers to adorn your interior. Colourful dried flowers are a good on-trend alternative that will last and last.
  • Embrace floral prints with your home accessories, cushions, curtains and tableware.
  • Grow indoor houseplants to breathe life into your home.
  • Grow indoor herbs to add fresh ingredients to your cooking.
  • If renovating, choose light, bright coloured paints for walls, and choose pale or pastel shades for tiles and carpets.

Natural Materials

  • Choose furniture made from pale or honey coloured wood to maintain an airy springtime feel throughout the seasons.
  • Consider fitting natural carpets in sisal, jute, wool or seagrass.
  • Use linens, cottons and light, sheer fabrics designed to reflect or let the light in.