About Us

Francis of Malvern is a family business with a local-to-Malvern heritage.

You could say we’re something of a landmark in these parts. The store was founded back in 1933 by William Francis; he managed the business until his retirement and passed on the reigns to his son Derek. However, no stranger to the family store, Derek had worked there since the age of 14. Just as his father had before him, he ran the business until his own retirement.

About Us

Today there are three Francis of Malvern stores. Divided into our three areas of specialism; bedrooms, flooring and furniture. Each store is run smoothly by our close-knit team of experts; under the watchful eye of close Francis family friend Donald Mackenzie. Our team spans all age groups with one common goal: to help furnish our customers’ homes to perfection.

We have a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. Our stores are equipped with solar panels; in addition, we recycle all our uplifted furniture and packaging – which after sorting has an impressive 95% recycling rate. All our uplifted mattresses are completely recycled; a process that involves washing and shredding the fabric ready for it to be reused. We are constantly striving to find more ways to increase our environmental efforts; and therefore will continue to make our improvement a priority.

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