To be embraced by a hand-tufted bed by Mattsons is like touching cashmere for the first time, after wearing coarse wool against your skin your entire life. Your body will feel weightless, and you'll soon drift off into a dreamlike state of blissful sleep, safely resting on only the finest natural materials. It will be the beginning of a new way for your body and mind to rest, in which you’ll find out how well you’re actually capable of sleeping, and how incredible that can make you feel.

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When the Mattsons family started their first sawmill in 1851 it is unlikely that the initial vision for the business included designing, building and delivering some of the finest beds available to happy and appreciative clients around the globe. A family business, at the time with only local business opportunities in focus, nearly two centuries later, Mattsons Beds are now available in finer boutiques and hotels far beyond the small village of Malmbäck, Småland in the south eastern part of Sweden. Nor is it very likely that the first generation of artisans would have been able to foresee the great appreciation that meets the company around the world today. An appreciation confirming our vision that great quality, tradition and the values that a family owned company in its 5th generation represent, is not something you come across every day. Just like it was back in 1851, our number one priority is to make certain that our service and products remain at the level where it has been for the past two centuries, the very best possible.



When building beds, as with life in general, there can be no shortcuts. In order for our craftsmen to build the best beds possible they need to work with the very best materials. From our century and a half of working with and supplying high quality wood, with nearly one hundred years of that time with the bedroom in focus, we have time and time again come to the see that the original philosophy of Mattsons still holds true today and represents something that will never be outdated. Every Mattsons bed is handmade right here in Sweden. No exception, no shortcuts. Just a steady focus on delivering genuine, long lasting quality and comfort, every time. As was often the case in many part of Sweden at the time when company was started, local materials were the preference. Once Mattsons got into furniture manufacturing the wood that was used for the manufacturing therefore came from the company’s own forests. For that purpose large areas of land was from time to time bought up for the purpose of having continuous access to high quality wood, something that still today is a very important part of Mattsons

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We take the environment into account with everything we do. All the way from the forest to the final step of delivering our beds into your bedroom. The Svanen certification has consistently recognized our beds to be of the very highest quality and certifies that we stand for environmental preserving and sustainable consumption.

To have a clear view of the whole process, from sourcing to the manufacturing to distribution, is an important part of what Mattsons represent and the reason to why we are able to stand by our products with unwavering pride.


Wool is a fascinating material that acts as a warm layer in cold weather and cools your body down when you are feeling warm. In other words, wool is a performance material of nature and is also inflammable. Wool is nature’s miracle that is a performance material making an ideal partner for horsetail hair and cotton.

An optimal bed climate is enabled by the use of pure wool, which functions as a makeshift climate regulator of your bed. For a very long time, wool has been a renowned material for its capability to remain warm in cold and vice versa. Using wool, one can sleep comfortably at an optimal temperature and remain dry. The wool fiber has been structured in a way that enables large volumes of air to position themselves in between the fibers, therefore offering impeccable insulation properties while making it flexible, elastic, and resilient. Moreover, about 30 percent of the wool’s weight in water can be absorbed by the material, without becoming wet.

Just as important as growing perfect natural fibre in a sustainable way is ensuring that it’s fit for purpose and delivers the optimum performance at all times. By working closely with our New Zealand wool farmers, innovation partners and customers, we can offer wool that surpasses expectations and meets specific needs. All this with an eye on the future, anticipating future trends and adapting our on-farm methods accordingly.

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The ideal material to complement horsehair is cotton, which enables the entire body to breathe without any hassles. The material is popular for being soft and strong. It is safe to assume that this material is one of the softest ones offered by nature and is popular for providing comfort and breathability. With Mattsons soft cotton, the air is facilitated to circulate around the wearer’s body, thereby ensuring that they remain dry and comfortable and enjoy a good sleep without any hassles. Consequently, you can enjoy longer, unperturbed sleep.

Every individual uses their lungs as well as their skin to breathe, as our skins have over 7 million pores that breathe and eliminate toxins. In order to remain dry and comfortable, sleeping on a bed that breathes properly and circulates air around your body is integral.

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When it comes to creating a good bed, very few materials are comparable to horsehair. Each curled strand of horsehair can operate as a small spring, thereby improving the functioning of our internal spring systems. Therefore, this offers support and pliability. Moreover, when one uses horsehair, they are also opting for the in-built, effective ventilation system.

Horsehairs function like miniature airways: each strand is a hollow tube that comes with a microscopic capillary action, eliminating moisture and accepting fresh air. Interestingly, its drying property is so prominent that soaking a strand in water and shaking it removes water almost instantaneously. In Mattsons bed, there are countless natural micro springs that channel away moisture and excess heat from your body, so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep. The absence of heat and moisture will ensure that you fall asleep sooner and immerse yourself in an unperturbed sleep so you wake up completely rejuvenated. Needless to say, your quality of sleep will be enhanced with these beds.

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Flax fibers are amongst the oldest fiber crops in the world. Flax fiber is extracted from the bast or skin of the stem of the flax plant. Flax fiber is soft, lustrous and flexible. It is stronger than cotton fiber but less elastic. The best grades are used for linen fabrics such as damasks, lace and sheeting. The legendary linen suit is the symbol of breezy summer elegance due to it’s exceptional coolness in hot weather. The fibre absorbs and releases humidity quickly.

Flax fibre is extracted from the bast or skin of the stem of the flax plant. Flax fibre is soft, lustrous and flexible; bundles of fibre have the appearance of blonde hair, hence the description "flaxen". It is stronger than cotton fibre but less elastic. The best grades are used for linen fabrics such as damasks, lace and sheeting. Coarser grades are used for the manufacturing of twine and rope. New methods of processing flax and the rising price of cotton have led to renewed interest in the use of flax as an industrial fibre.

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The coconut fiber, also known as coir, comes from the inner husk of coconuts and for that reason dust mite resistant. Also as they are very suitable for people suffering from allergies. The thickness of coconut coir is very important. If the thickness of the fiber is very less it doesn’t provide the required firmness for stability in our beds.

At Mattsons Beds we use the coconut material for a straight and firm edge of the mattress.

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At Mattsons, the incorporation of slow-grown Swedish pine makes it solid. The bed becomes stable and strong, therefore providing unparalleled quality that is synonymous with reassurance. The wooden frames of Mattsons make each bed stable and strong, as they are made of Pine trees from Sweden’s northern forests, which are chosen carefully. These trees grow at a slow pace, which improves their robustness.

We value quality as well as environmental responsibility. We take into consideration the way each pine grows and every forest regenerates due to our passion for nature. In a Mattson bed as well as headboards, every wooden frame is FSC-certified. In simple words, they can be traced back to their origin and they are created using pine that is harvested using methods to maintain the biodiversity of the forest, along with its productivity and ecological processes. All our bed frames come with a 25-year warranty.

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The Mattsons springs provide support and relieve pressure, without making a sound while aligning your body in an optimal position. The springs are scientifically robust mechanisms that form an integral part of the bed. We provide springs of top-notch quality which are manufactured in Sweden. Each Mattsons bed comes with at least two spring systems working in tandem. The springs that are soft and flexible, making the bed soft, coupled with springs that are firm, which are situated below to provide robust support. As these spring systems work together, the bed aligns with your body’s shape to provide maximum support and relaxation. The springs used in our beds come with a 25 year warranty.

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