Working from home

Whether you’re working from home as the norm, or you are now being forced to do so; it could be time to rethink your home office. Or, even consider more permanently adapting a space to create a more office-like environment. However, having a home office doesn’t mean it needs to be boring; on the contrary, your home office should be as inspiring as possible; you’re potentially spending a large amount of time in this space.

Francis of Malvern have a wide range of office furniture brands that’s suitable and adaptable to all shapes of space. Our brands include Alphason and Bentley Designs and you can view the full range of products here.

The New Norm

Working from home is not always easy; therefore having the right environment and the right equipment is important for concentration. This also ensures you have a workspace that allows you to think clearly and creatively. Considering the overall layout of the workspace is important; especially the positioning of your desk and chair which are key of course; but so is the type of furniture you choose. Interior designers will often talk about the consistency and cohesiveness of an overall (home) design; therefore it is important to consider how the workspace fits in; especially as that space may be multi-purposed for numerous members of the household. For example, your home-office might double up as a homework station for your children; in which case you may need to consider storage and the convenient access of files and equipment.

This year has seen an immeasurable shift to home office working and that is likely to stay in place for the foreseeable future; as well as perhaps being adopted as preference for many industries. The benefits of this can be significant and the environment is certainly one benefactor of the new regime; there is less travel and commuting, fewer cars on the road, and reduced emissions into the atmosphere.

If you’re replacing existing furniture and would like any advice or assistance with recycling, then please don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our aim at Francis of Malvern is to carefully consider and recommend furniture that performs, lasts and has minimum impact on the environment.


Interior Design

The Finishing Touches

Interior Design & Finishing the Home

Over the last few months many of us have invested in home, interior design and finishing the home. We’ve also invested in family and the simpler things in life. This has been a real positive of 2020 as we’ve had time to reconnect with our living spaces whilst observing nature, slowing down and valuing everything a little more. But there maybe a few finishing touches that we can help you with and we’d love for you to contact us or safely visit our stores where we can assist you with a wide range of flooring, furniture and accessories for the entire home.

Furniture & Flooring

At Francis of Malvern we have an enviable range of flooring and a newly refurbished flooring department. So it’s here that you’ll find all you need hard flooring, wooden floors, laminates and rugs. If you’ve been busily decorating your home and have completed all you can then it might be that the flooring is the final piece of puzzle and will complete your overall look and design. But it’s not just flooring that can finish a room, it may be the signature or statement piece of furniture that you need or a new sofa and chairs. We have furniture and interior products for every room in the house and you can view our entire product range on our newly launched website. Seemingly everything is new at Francis of Malvern!. Please do take a look at the new website though and let us have any feedback too.

Interior Design Support

Naturally we love the home and we get a kick out of helping our customers finish their homes, whether that’s flooring, furniture or lighting. There is nothing quite like a newly decorated room having it’s carpet laid and furniture carefully placed in to position. It’s one of those moments in life that you smile involuntarily and think the newly finished space each morning that you wake up – unless that space is your refurbished bedroom and in which case you get to smile the moment you wake up. The team here are ready and waiting to chat through anything you need and help you organise those finishing touches that complete the picture and help you to create the home that you imagined.

Personal Furniture Shopping Experience

We are also extremely flexible and here to facilitate you in the safest and most convenient way. Our stores are complying with all requirements and we’re going above and beyond to ensure everything is kept as safe as possible. If you prefer to speak by phone or would like to organise a personal shopping experience then you only have to contact us on 01684 573823. But if you’re happy to visit then you can find our location here and we’re open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:30pm and Saturdays by appointment only.