Bedrooms should be a sanctuary of calm and tranquillity – a place to escape to at the end of the day, a welcome haven away from noise, work and the daily hubbub. Bedroom furniture is so important, so it’s worth investing in something that is going to last.

We see more and more of our customers deciding to invest in this important room, with new development unfurling from scientists on the importance of sleep and rest in a technologically advancing world.

  1. Create a sanctuary

The Sleep Council recommends reducing all bedroom clutter to help create a minimal and soothing place to drift off. Avoid eating, working and watching TV in the bedroom too – this room should be an escape from your daily activities so your mind can switch off and get to sleep easier.

  1. Get the bed right

A good night’s rest starts with your bed frame and mattress. Buy the best that you can afford, and change your mattress every 8 years for the best results.

Everyone’s different and there are a plethora of different options available for those who prefer soft, firm or hybrid cushioning. Don’t forget your pillows and duvets too – too thick or thin and you’ll be uncomfortable. We can help find the right bed and mattress for you. Speak to one of our team in-store and we can work out which brand, style, tog or mattress type you need.

  1. Work with the room

 Whether you have a palatial boudoir or a confined chamber you should work with the limitations of your space. Those with insufficient room for storage should consider getting a divan bed with built-in drawers. Strategically built custom wardrobes that work with awkward walls and corners maximise available space and bring order to unruly layouts.

When planning a tiny room you should also be strategic with furniture. Reduce the amount of used floor space by putting up shelving to replace bedside tables. Another handy small bedroom hack is to use hanging door storage for shoes and accessories.

It can also be tricky to work with a room that’s overly narrow or large – substantial furniture will help to make the space feel better proportioned.

Plan your bedroom furniture around the available light– if there is a limited source of natural light, make sure to position dressing tables by a window so that you can see comfortably during your morning routine. Use blackout blinds to guarantee an uninterrupted sleep.

  1. Talk to the experts

Speak to an experienced bedroom planner to ensure that both your practical requirements and design style needs are met. Our team members are always on hand to offer fitting advice and product suggestions. We can arrange a home visit to assess your space and provide a complete floor to ceiling design.

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