The clocks have fallen back and the nights are drawing in and it’s that time of year when lighting becomes more important, more necessary and increasingly more significant from an interior design perspective.

The mood and ambience created by the right type of lighting is important for our homes, our interiors and our moods and is ever more important with the requirement of home working and make-shift offices within our houses.

New lamps and lighting quite literally light up a room but they can also lift our spirits, light up our lives and influence our mood. Many of the best hotels, restaurants and bars spend a huge amount of time, thought and money on getting the right type of lighting to set the mood and create the type of atmosphere that’s conducive to audience and activity. Our homes are no different and especially now when we’re able to control not just our heating, but also our lighting via our smart phones and through energy saving Apps – now is the time to think about your interior lighting design and layout.

The last couple of decades has seen many of homes move towards open planned living where lighting is key to differentiating space. Francis of Malvern stock a broad range of lights and lamps but we also help you to decide which are right for you, which suit your type of home and which are going to be most practical in achieving your own ‘lighting goals’. Perhaps you didn’t think that you had any ‘lighting goals’ – maybe you haven’t, and in which case you should definitely book a personal shopping appointment so we can talk all things lighting and find out if there are any areas of your house that could require fresh illumination.

As we move towards December we will begin to see the installation of warm and sparkling Christmas lights. Invariably these temporary illumination installations enhance homes and make them feel more calm, warm and atmospheric and we should take inspiration from this and consider how our lighting could do this all year round, although perhaps in a less sparkly way.

If you’ve read this and have had a light bulb moment 😉 – give us a call or email our team to discuss your lighting needs.