Covid-19 Delivery and Fitting Guidlines

Before any appointment we attend; we will take the temperature of all staff to test for Covid-19. When the fitter arrives, we advise you check hat both the fitter, you, and any members of the household are well. We will ensure that social distancing is possible during the fitting process; and that both parties are comfortable for us to go ahead. During the fitting you maybe be asked to vacate the room where the floor is being laid; in addition, if you can open any internal doors on route through the house to the room of the fitting; and open windows where possible, that would be much appreciated. We will also ask that all areas are uplifted, clean and the rooms are well ventilated. We also require that any bathroom or kitchen vinyl’s we will be uplifting will have been cleaned with bleach; or some sort of antibacterial solution.

Throughout your day you and the fitter should ensure that these Covid-19 precautions are being met:

You communicate with the fitter and make sure you are aware; and adhere to any precautions and protocols set by yourself or the fitter.

Be wearing a face mask when in less then 2m distance.

Have hand sanitiser with you at all times.

Wipe all door handles that you will be touching or have touched.

When uplifting, waste must stay outside of the van until it is time to vacate the job.

Spraying antibacterial over uplifted areas may be required.

Consider wrapping waste up in sheeting or bags.

At times furniture may need to be moved. You can only do this if both you and the fitter are comfortable with this. Otherwise we will have to arrange for someone from the company to come and help.

No food or drink provided by yourself are to be consumed by the fitter.

The fitter may need to wear gloves in some cases, if so, be aware of any phones, tools, and surfaces you normally touch without gloves. Washing hands and cleaning surfaces regularly is much safer way of preventing spread of Covid-19 bacteria.

On clean up the fitters own vacuum is not to be used, please discuss this with the fitter, you may wish them to use yours or you might want to vacuum yourself.

The fitter will ask you to check the work done, items delivered and ensure them you happy before leaving.

No cash is to be handled, you will be provided with a card machine or bank details to have money paid by wireless; and equally then you can call up and pay the shop directly.

The fitter is empowered to make local decisions to abandon a visit if they feel there is any compromise to their personal safety. This must however be properly discussed with both yourself and the shop.

The fitter may choose to wear varying types of PPE during your visit; and the nature of this will be determined by their individual preferences.

The fitters have been advised to wear clean clothes to work and then change into their work wear at work. The process then repeated in reverse at the end of the work day into clean clothes. Their work wear should then be placed into a sealable bag. Cleaning of work wear each day is required as well, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The fitter and yourself should ensure that at all times you maintain social distancing guidelines where possible; and ensure all surfaces are regularly cleaned, this includes, but is not restricted to:

Door handles, steering wheels, computer desks and equipment, phones, tools, toilet surfaces, chairs, eating utensils and food preparation areas.

Please raise any concerns you have with a member of the management team. Please note your own disciple with these guidelines will help increase the safety of health for yourself and those around you; and help prevent Covid-19 spreading.